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Fritiof Valdemar Lindgren (1908–1983) Agnes Maria Lindgren Hultman (1899–1970) Per Alfred Lindgren (1865–1938) Anna Christina (Katarina) Johansdotter Andersson (1861–1935) Erik Holger Lind (1920–1983) Karl Johan Eriksson (1889–1952) Frans Oscar Lindgren (1892–1967) David Emanuel Lindgren (1873–) Lars Larsson + Maria Johansdotter Audart Sven Olof Olsson (1927–2013) Tore Emanuel Lindgren (1914–1975) Ida Matilda Hellström (1884–1974) Birgit Elisabet Davidsson Johansson (1911–1994) Johanna Moberg (1858–1947) Helen Magras Stakelborough (1926–1984) Elof Gunnar Davidsson (1890–1971) Lars Eriksson (1804–1877) Bertil Harald Gustafson (1925–1979) Johan Albert Johansson Ekvall (1859–) Per Alfred Lindgren (1865–1938) Anna Christina (Katarina) Johansdotter Andersson (1861–1935) Otto Emil Lindgren + Hilda Amanda Hoffström Clara Lovisa Lindgren (1850–1934) Per Erik Vilhelm Lindgren (1906–1983) Edvard Johannesson (1855–1938) Edvard Johannesson (1855–1938) Clara Christina Lindquist (1844–) Amandus Boström (1857–1933) Märta Elvira Lindgren Gustafsson (1904–1996) Karl NN + Anna Sofia Jonsdotter Bergman Hasselström Nils David Valter Davidsson (1916–1987) Bengt Augustinus Olsson (1896–1980) John Sigfrid Boström (1887–1984) Ernst Gunnar Lindgren (1884–1959) David F Lindgren (1898–1918) Sven Erik Olsson (1924–1992) Anders Åke Boström (1917–2012) Per Börje Hallberg (1924–2016) Karl Simon Boström (1883–1960) Johanna Moberg (1858–1947) Sven Urban Yngve Olsson (1930–1992) Bengt Åke Emanuel Johansson (1934–1998) Ulrika Ottila Elisabet (Betty) Lindgren (1877–1957) Kristina Margareta Oliva Karlsdotter (1858–1935) Sven David Gunnar Svedin (1911–1979) David Emanuel Davidsson (1884–1960) Erik Holger Lind (1920–1983) Elisabet Olsdotter (1820–1907)